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Let the Chatbot answer on your behalf

Increase the quality of customer service while decrease the cost


Sample of our products

Chatbots can be integrated with diverse communication platforms.

WhatsApp, Twitter DM, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, Website, Mobile Apps

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Answer Customers' Queries

Chatbots facilitate efficient responses to customer's common queries.

screenshot from WhatsApp chatbot answering customer's questions. صورة لتشات بوت على واتساب حيث يجيب على سؤال العميل

Collect Feedback, Complaints, and Suggestions 

Engage customers for feedback via WhatsApp, a preferred method over email or SMS.

screenshot from WhatsApp chatbot enabling customers to provide suggestions and complaints

Offers & Advertisements

Distribute promotional materials and deals to chatbot-engaged customers via their favored channel.

screenshot from WhatsApp chtabot showing an offer to the user

Integrate with Customer Service Platforms

Chatbots enable seamless integration with customer management systems and renowned service platforms like Zendesk, Jira, and Crisp.


Hear From Our Customers

Tala Khan, Funtime
“I like the way Soaal is working with us. I recommend Soaal to every business.”

Talal Khan, Operations Manager, Fun Time

Why Chatbots?

24/7 Low Cost, High Quality Customer Service

Immediate, Accurate, and Detailed Answers

Ability to Answer Many Customers at the Same Time

Statistics About Customers  Interests 

With Soaal, Everything Is Possible

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